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Presenting over 50 musical loops of high diversity and pro quality for your projects. Visit my profile for even more. Sharing your project in the comments is highly appreciated!

Loop  Box #1

► 8-Bit Hero Quest (0:29)
► Act And Contemplate (0:29)
► Choppin (0:07)
► Dream Factory (0:16)
► Ethnic Beat (0:15)
► Evil Trap (0:27)
► Friendly Trap (0:41)
► Ganxta (3:14)
► HEY (0:18)
► Just Do It (0:06)
► Largo (0:19)
► Nature [Loop] (0:06)
► Sheherazade (0:16)
► Timed (0:30)
► Unruly Beat (0:46)

Loop Box #2

► 0 to 100 (0:30)
► Absurd Machine (0:27)
► Ai Contact [v2] (0:27)
► Back To Zero (0:46)
► Cruiser (0:48)
► Dark Ritual [v2] (0:47)
► Departing At Dawn (0:43)
► EZDNB2 (0:32)
► EZDNB3 (0:32)
► Focus (1:00)
► Force Field (1:41)
► Frankenstein (0:38)
► Gentle One (0:33)
► Le Flamand [v2] (0:22)
► Low Gravity (0:14)
► Make It Fit (0:29)
► Mystic Quest Dubstep (0:14)
► Noizy [v2] (1:08)
► No Time (1:36)
► Stream (0:46)
► Time Flies (1:32)
► Voltage (0:32)
► Walrus (0:56)
► What We Do (1:15)
► Withstand (0:44)
► Wraghstep [v2] (1:32)

Loop Box #3

► Adventure Begins (0:42)
► Clash (0:16)
► Eastern Treasures (0:40)
► Epic Departure [v2] (1:20)
► Flow (1:22)
► Funny March (0:08)
► Horny [v2] (0:32)
► Hurry! (0:22)
► In Darkness [v2] (2:08)
► Obscurium (0:21)
► Pavane (0:38)
► Pavane [short] (0:12)
► Ship In A Storm (0:15)
► Throne Room [v2] (2:05)
► Underground Town (0:23)
► Victory Stats (0:07)
► Zwischenwelt (0:47)

Loop Box #4

► Another Step Back [v2] (2:16)
► Bouncer [v2] (1:15)
► Eternal Explorer (0:59)
► Intervals [v2] (1:05)
► Liquid Flame [v2] (3:35)
► Oldskool [v2] (0:32)
► Pulse (0:33)
► Recorder Jam [v2] (0:32)
► Summer House [v2] (1:07)
► Vengeance Electro [v2] (1:03)
► Victory Party [v2] (0:45)
► Voiles Exploration (0:53)
► Windfish (2:48)

Important: Crediting required. This album is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC-BY 4.0) license. That means: Do whatever you want with it, but make sure to mention me as the original author in a sufficiently obvious place - Crediting is currency. Just copy this:

Music: 'Track name' by Of Far Different Nature (https://fardifferent.bandcamp.com/)

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Of Far Different Nature - LOOP BOX #4 (CC-BY 4.0).zip 40 MB

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Hey, thanks for the asset, the songs are top quality! I have used some of the songs in my clicker mobile game. Of course I credited you in the game.

Eey, I put one of your songs in my game, thanks a lot!

I have used the free asset pack to create a tutorial with a link to this page to express my gratitude for such excellent work. Hopefully, it will be helpful in introducing it to more people 👍

Loop box 2 is great!

Hi! I used some of your great music in one of my recent games. Credited in the credits section ingame. Thanks so much!!

I can use and I can sell my game on EpicStore or itch.io or steam or any site use your ambients? Of course I give you credit. I promise you

please forgive me. I am really so sorry... Its Your Original Work (Please don't think bad Idea I am afraid for copyrights)?

To use Almost all songs, do you have to give credit one by one? (in a commercial game)

Hi! You can do what you consider fair. If the credits are fairly visible, then a single credit will be fine.


The music will be used for an extra mode in the game called Electronic Rhythm, this is the game, if you have an email I can send you a key, for you to take a look at the game, and see if the credits I put are acceptable

Cool, thanks! I do not find any time to play anything atm... So, it will be fine. Good luck with your game ✊🏻

Hello! Thanks for your great assets! I'm using them in my game, you can take a look. Epic Departure song was used as theme in main menu screen :)


Are any of these in Mp3?

It's ogg. Mp3s do not loop properly. Only wav and ogg files do.

Hey, congratulations for the albums and thank you for posting the tracks for free. Besides, I want to let you know that I used some of them for my game https://jpcard.itch.io/roguestar.


Thanks for sharing, and glad you like the music! 🙂

Hey, I love the loops and just wanted to thank you for making them available. I used a bunch of them in my recent game: https://ghastly.itch.io/resync


Glad you like them 😊 Your game looks cool, I like your art style!


Hey I really love your sound tracks and loops. I know I mention that already. :-). I've made a new game and I'm using two of your sound tracks - In Darkness & Epic Departure, They really added the ambience I was after. You can take a look here.

Thanks again for making awesome music

Thank you! I think you have comments deactivated on your game page, so I'll reply here. I really like the idea of your Crazy Retro Lander, could be great on smartphone. I think most important would be to give the game a more dynamic visual appearance, in contrast to the calm and relaxing player actions. Like, add particle effects to all objects, make the camera zoom in a little and make it follow the player, make the background animated with either multiple parallax layers (like many SNES games do) or use a pre-rendered video loop. And the sprites might need some polish 🙂 Maybe either go more realistic, or more stylized, or more pixel-like, but rather not in between. A friend here on itch.io makes some nice space assets, he might have something for you. So, I hope you can make use of that, and hope it wasn't too much 🙂 Keep us updated!

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely have a think about those, some were already in the back of my mind as well. Oh and I'll check what I've set for the comments. Cheers.

I loved these songs, it can be perfect in the craziest game I'm going to release, and if I can I'll use it for a commercial game, of course I'll give due credit as I said up there

Cool, keep us updated! 🙂

Hey there. I'm loving your tracks from here and I have plans to use it in my game. I have a trailer on my Itch page here and I hope that you are happy for your music to be included in my game. Thanks again for some awesome music.

Glad you like them! Your game looks promising, keep it up ✊

(1 edit)

Hey there, thank you a lot for your tracks! I used one [ In Darkness ] on my android game, Asteroid Revival

I gave you credit in the apposite section ^ ^

Happy to hear that 🙂 Cool Asteroids remake! I used to play some Asteroids clone a lot years ago.

Epic music


beautiful music, thank you!

Thank you too!